Woodstock Psychotherapy is excited to announce our partnership with Journey Well Counselling Services in offering an innovative new support option - Stress Checks!

Take a peek:

Stress-Checks are being offered to support individuals who:

  • Are struggling right now - maybe it's isolation, parenting, work, or anything else that's stressful in your life!

  • Are looking for one-time support, to have a conversation with a professional who will point you in the right direction for tools, techniques, and supports to help get you through this difficult time.

  • Would benefit from an opportunity to get general mental-health questions answered, or bounce ideas off of.

  • Need someone to talk to!

To access Stress-Checks, all you need is:

  • A telephone, laptop, or other smart device that can make phone or video calls

  • A 1/2 hour

  • A confidential space to have the conversation in

  • An internet connection

  • A credit card

We are offering this new service because we realize that some people don't want or need ongoing therapy, but do need "a little something" to keep moving towards feeling better. For some, a short conversation with new tips and tools is enough to make it through the day's stressors - so we're here to help!

Learn more, and book your Stress-Check today:

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