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Registered Psychotherapist

What Is Psychotherapy?

You might be more familiar with the terms "talk therapy" or simply "counselling".  Essentially, psychotherapy is a process where a professional helps you to achieve improved wellness and relationships through talk therapy -- or conversation!  Together, we will explore your emotions, patterns of thinking, routines, and relationships, and consider making some changes when it may benefit your well-being.


Is Psychotherapy for me?

Psychotherapy is beneficial to many people.  While some individuals may come in with mental health concerns, such an anxiety or depression, you do not need to have a diagnosed mental health issue to benefit from psychotherapy!  Psychotherapy may be used to find relief from a variety of concerns including mental health, addiction, stress, chronic illness, relationship issues, grief, parenting and more!  Please get in touch to further discuss whether psychotherapy may be helpful for you.

What Approaches Can I Expect?

You are unique, your situation is unique, and your symptoms are unique - therefore, you can expect an approach that is unique catered to your individual therapeutic plan.  In general, I am trained in and utilize a variety of methods which include but are not limited to:

  • Sex Therapy from the PLISSIT model

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

  • Attachment and Family Systems 

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

Who do You work With?

I have experience working with a broad range of individuals, in a broad range of settings -- from general mental health in family health teams, to children in school programs, to focused addictions treatment in a community addictions agency.   Areas of particular expertise and interest include:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Addiction

  • Relationship Issues

  • Sleep Disturbances

  • LGBTQ+ Individuals

  • Children and Youth

  • Death, Dying, and Hospice

  • Chronic Illness and Pain


The cost for each 50-minute session is $150 (HST is included)

  • Psychotherapy Services are tax-deductible, as services are a medical expense

  • Each session you will receive a receipt with Melanie's College of Psychotherapists registration number, for submission to your insurance provider, or to keep for your personal tax records.

  • Many insurance companies provide coverage for Registered Psychotherapist (RP) services.  Please contact your insurance provider to confirm coverage.

Payment is accepted via EMT, Debit, and Credit at the end of each appointment.

Get In Touch

514 Princess St. Woodstock, ON \\ Tel: (226) 253-0861

Thanks for getting in touch! Melanie will return your message within 2 business days.

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